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Types of Padel Rackets

When you go padel, you want to hit every ball you hit with your own racket. Logically. After all, as a footballer you also wear the most beautiful - perfectly suited to you - football boots.

Padel rackets come in three different shapes, namely: round, tear/drop and diamond. The round variant padel racket is ideal for beginners, while the teardrop variant is extremely suitable for medium to advanced padel players. The latter – the diamond variant – has been developed for the grandmasters : the professional padel players.

What shape padel rackets are there?

Just buying a padel racket is therefore not a good idea: after all, there is a lot of difference in the padel rackets. The round variant is - evidently - recognizable by its round shape. The so-called sweet spot , the place on the racket with which you can best hit the ball, is quite large. That's why it's useful for the novice player: hitting the ball well is so relatively easy. In any case, the hitting surface of the padel racket is larger than average. The main drawback is the lack of ability to perform hard smashes.

The drop-shaped variant, suitable for medium to advanced players, has other characteristics. In terms of shape, it floats between the round and diamond variant. The aforementioned sweet spot is relatively high on this type of racket. As soon as you hit the ball here, you make sure you get the most out of your shot with minimal force. The drop-shaped racket is ideal for attacking players.

But: if you hit the ball with that sweet spot, it's cash: you give the ball a lot of power.

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Finally, the padel racket in diamond shape: suitable for advanced padel players. With this racket, hitting the ball well is more difficult than with the other rackets, but it is more effective. Here's how: the sweet spot is relatively small and is located at the top of the racket. But: if you hit the ball well with that, it's cash: in that case you give the ball a lot of power. It is therefore obvious that this type of racket is ideal for professional players; padellers who are more than sure of their business.

All in all, we conclude that it is very important to make the right racket choice. You are doing yourself a great favor with that. With a padel racket that suits you, you get the best in your game and you hit the balls the way you want. Moreover, the chance of getting injured is the smallest. Wrist, elbow, back, knee and shoulder complaints are always lurking: especially if you hit with a racket that does not suit you.

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