Belangrijkste Padel Tips Voor De Beginnende Padel Speler

Key Padel Tips For The Novice Padel Player

You prefer to hit winners and ram that ball out of the cage. However, padel is a sport where ingenuity and tactics are more important. Placing the padel ball well and checkingmate the opponent is the trick!

There are many different strokes you can play during a padel rally. The hard flat smash is just one of them. You only use this if you are sure you can finish the point. A smash with a lot of spin that stays very low (bandeja) or a high lob (globo) is used much more often by the good padel player.

The paddle service

A stroke that you can quickly master as a novice padel player and must be played often is of course the serve. This is from a static situation and is therefore good to practice. In padel you always serve underhand and diagonally. It is good to vary (along the line and in the corner), preferably with some slice on the ball. In the beginning you see that a game of padel with four starting padel players with the ball in the corner is very effective and that the returning player can bring it back very difficult.

Padel tips & tricks

Various padel tips & tricks can be found on the internet. These are even watched by very good padel players. Padel is relatively easy to learn, but very difficult to master.

Best padel racket for a beginner

We often get the question from the novice padel player which padel racket is most suitable. It is generally indicated that a round padel racket is made for the starting player. This is largely true, but there are also top 10 players in the world who play with a round racket, so that a round racket is “only” for beginners is a padel myth. Read all about the different forms and functionalities in our blog ( Link to other blog page 2).

We think it's smart to play with a light padel racket. For example, for old tennis players who often have a technique with a larger 'swing movement', this is easier to play. A lighter padel racket is also less stressful for the arm and it is more manoeuvrable, so that you can react faster during a rally.


In short, do you start with padel? Take a look at our webshop .

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